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Our Mission

Educators for Equity is a community of educators who work to reform the educational systems that disadvantage Black students through lack of honest curriculum and holistic practices. It is our mission to change the culture of education to be actively antiracist and inclusive. We want our school systems to accurately address national and global history, and to build student awareness of themselves, their communities, and the world. We strive to achieve this by connecting educators, students, families - the communities - with local policymakers to influence change; by helping educators modify the curriculum they're mandated to use; and by setting up a fund for Black students.

We envision a future where schools have enough community supports to be police-free; where instruction is designed for the students and families that we serve, rather than for annual standardized tests created by for-profit corporations; where school funding is both equitably and effectively allocated; and where all school personnel are highly trained and consistently coached in creating and maintaining a positive, anti-bias environment. 

Our Vision

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