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Our Team

Nandi Taylor



Nandi (she/hers) has been teaching at Turner Elementary school in DCPS for the past 5  years, but is very excited to make the transition into teaching in DC Jail. The recent injustices in the black community inspired her to create a space where educators can talk about culturally responsive reform in our schools. She is currently developing the Black Students Needs Fund and planning fundraising events.

Rosalie Teverow



Rosalie (she/hers) was an elementary teacher in DCPS for five years. She is now back in her hometown of Brooklyn working on a degree from Teachers College to move to high school English. She believes that all children deserve an ABAR education that develops global citizens ready to take on the world. She is currently developing the Civic Engagement Workshop and the Curriculum Modification Workshop.

Goal Presentations

Megan Polanin

Chris Helstern

Callie Harkins

Jenny Anderson

Arissa Morrell

Naina Wadwha

Dekebra Crowe

Shante McKnight

Ash Nicholes

Ashley Ross

Iris Nguyen

Rachyl Chaney

Event Coordinators

Nandi Taylor

Chris Helstern



Nandi Taylor

Rosie Teverow


Social Media

Rosie Teverow                              

Itay Balely                                     

Community Outreach

Rosie Teverow

Megan Polanin


Tim Grant

Donnie Harris

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