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Wahupa Upward Bound

In the summer of 2020, San Diego-based Wahupa Upward Bound participated in a pilot round of our 


scholarship competition. We asked students to create a project showing how they would use their education to better the Black community while creating a world that is inclusive of all people. Here are the winning submissions:


first place

"The animation I made is just to establish what I believe in. Which is that people in this country are treated unfairly and especially the black community. I believe that this problem ranges in all aspects of the country, but something I think that would really help is education. Too many people are unaware of the problems people face. This makes them lack the empathy they should have for their fellow humans. America is a country of diversity and that comes with its challenges, however, our country and its people should work together to face those challenges. At least with everyone being educated on the topic there are more chances for legitimate discussion to be had instead of arguments and hate."

first place

second place

"I decided to film a video since I can project my voice and “use” it to spread a message. My message is that not only does the black community suffer in everyday life, but also at the doctor's. Shining light on this topic can be pretty biased since, in everyone's head, doctors should care for everyone. However, in my video, I have discussed how certain doctors show their true colors. It's shocking how doctors go through years of schooling, and learn proper patient care, and still favor one skin color over the other. We see how certain doctors dismiss black patients or make disgusting comments. This topic affects millions of black people. Knowing that there is a flaw within the healthcare system means it needs to be fixed, or else there will always be racist doctors. However, certain colleges have tried to fix this problem by revoking certain students' admission to their school. Colleges revoked

certain students' admission due to their lack of empathy towards the black community. Some of the students who had their admission revoked were trying to pursue a healthcare career. Imagine if colleges didn’t prevent these students from pursuing a medical career. It would have put more doctors in hospitals who favor one life over another due to their skin color. Knowing that I would become a doctor who wouldn't discriminate against any black patient, brings a bit of good in the world. It is important that we keep on having these types of discussions. If we stop talking about then we lose the fight, the fight for the black community to have equal lives as the majority. I personally don't want this fight to end, unless it ends with a positive change, and it includes a change in healthcare and how we teach doctors in training."

third place


"The painting portrays a little girl with a face mask and a sign that says "FOR MY FUTURE DON'T STAY SILENT ANYMORE". I chose this sign because since she is a little girl she hopes that people will stop allowing injustice to keep on happening and that once and for all people will start realizing the importance of telling the truth and speaking their mind. I chose to paint a little girl because to me there isn't a lot of female representation and the fact that she is young shows how our younger generations will change the world into a better one. Young people are now the makers of their own future, therefore they are trying their best to change the way society is and make it more open. On the painting there are fists with different colors. I chose the fist because it's a representation of the continuous fighting for equality and a symbol of the Black Lives Matter Protest. The sunflowers are a representation of a brighter future ahead. I feel that once people start hearing and changing their mindset the future of all will turn out bright and positive. Sunflowers also follow the rays of the sun, which in this case the girl is a representation of the sun and a symbol of a bright future ahead. This painting is a visual of the power of the youth and their efforts to change society into a more diverse and open minded one."

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